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A honey of a hotel

The latest buzz from Copenhagen is the opening of the Bella Sky Comwell Hotel and it’s not just its cutting edge design that has people talking. With its 23 floors, 812 rooms and 30 meeting rooms and conference venues, Bella Sky Comwell is the largest hotel in Scandinavia. It also has the most guests. Well, if you count the bees that is.

Yes the Bella Sky is also home to 600,000 honeybees. Don’t worry, you won’t find any of them in your room. The bees live on an adjacent roof from where they will head out to help pollinate flowers and trees in the city. Taking social consciousness one step further, Bella Sky employs homeless people from The Sundholm Shelter to take care of the bees, all of whom receive training as beekeepers.

Oh and the honey the bees produce is served at the breakfast buffet, the bartenders and chefs have worked it into their own recipes and it can be bought by the jar as a souvenir. Sounds like a sweet deal for all involved.

Know of a cool eco-friendly hotel? We’d love to hear about it.


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