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A getaway during the CNY

Planning for a getaway trip during the upcoming CNY. And the location will be????

Ans: Beijing!!!!

Hubby ask me why out of so many places i will choose Beijing. The answer is simple. First is “chena” country so in terms of food wise no problem for Hubby. Secondly i want the destination to be of Asia country. Thirdly i want a winter CNY!┬áLast but not least, China is always a place which i wanna travel. Love the scenery, love the palace…..

A 5 days Beijing trip should be more than enough. Decide to go on free and easy though is cheaper to go Beijing via group tour. But then i dont wanna wake up so early every day to join the tour. Prefer to be on own time own target. No much planning had been done so far since my flight is still on waiting list. But i know skidding will be on my top list. For sure, i will not give it a miss.

Let’s hope my flight booking can be confirmed soon so that i can start to do my research and come out with my own itineary.

*Pray* * Pray*

The BEST holidays

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