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5 Tips to Keep your Car in Tip-Top Shape During Holiday Travel

November is here, and with it comes several weeks of holiday travel. Whether you’re going an hour up the road to grandma’s house for her famous stuffing, or avoiding the long lines at the airport by driving several states away to see parents, extra driving and colder weather can wreak havoc on your vehicle. Drivers who are used to a short commute to and from work can have an unpleasant surprise when it comes time for long holiday road trips. But Limbaugh’s Business division wants to give you five steps you can take to protect your car before, during and after holiday travel.

1. Get a tune up. Before you hit the road, make sure you’re starting with your car in its best shape possible. Get the oil changed, have the tires rotated, aligned and balanced if necessary and check all fluids, belts and hoses. A good, reputable mechanic can alert you to any warning signs that need to be taken care of before you set off on your holiday adventure.

2. Observe the speed limits. When driving long distances, you’ll save gas by observing the speed limits. You’ll also save wear and tear on your car. Going 85 mpg in a 70 mph zone won’t get you to your destination much faster, and you’ll avoid pricey tickets and possibly an accident.

3. Repel the water. A good idea before long road trips is to coat your car’s windshield, mirrors and headlights with a water repellant in case of rain or snow. Repellants make water roll off the windshield quickly, increasing visibility.

4. Hide your valuables. When you stop for a break from driving, make sure valuables – like gifts – are not in plain sight. Criminals may be tempted to help themselves if gifts look easy to grab through a broken window.

5. Give it a wash. After a long trip, your car can build up insects on the front, salt from wintry roads or salty air or any number of less-than-desirable add-ons. Once you reach your destination, rinse it off or take it through an automatic car wash to keep the exterior looking good. Insects and salt can wear down a car’s paint job, so washing them off will help to keep it looking new.

Stop by Limbaugh Toyota’s award-winning service department for a pre-holiday tune up! We’re happy to help get you on the road!


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