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Goal 45 was to take a road trip. I took one from December 27, 2011 – January 2, 2012 with my mother down to Boynton Beach, FL with my mother. On the way down we drove straight through which took us about 19.5 hours, with two extra hours added on because of some serious bumper to bumper traffic in South Carolina. We spent about a week down there and popped over to Disney and Universal for two days in the middle. We decided to split up the trip on the drive back because driving straight through was such a nightmare. We left Boynton Beach at around noon and made it to Dunn, NC by 11pm. The next day we got up and drove from 9 until 4pm and FINALLY made it home for a total of 18 hours. All in all, it was just way too much time to spend in the car.

The BEST holidays

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