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2011 Recap

Well, I made it safely back to London with relatively few problems. One of the benefits (dangers?) of flying internationally on New Years Day is that you have plenty of time to just sit and reflect on the past year. Sure, moving to London was a pretty big change, but I don’t think I’m giving 2011 the credit it’s due by focusing just on the last three months. Since I’m still not sure what to do with this blog, I’ll use this particular post as a way to reflect on the craziness that was 2011.

Rebecca feeding the deer in Canaan Valley


Started the year with a sister skiing getaway in West Virginia. End result: fell in love with skiing again.


Preparing what's important: lunch



Continued my newly rediscovered skiing love affair, this time in the Poconos. Went skiing again with friends in January. Raced my friend Craig down the mountain (and still maintain that I won), played lots of games, laughed a lot, and enjoyed the car ride back just as much as the skiing there.




Traveled to Puerto Rico with friends in February. Swam in their bioluminescent bay (ahuh-mazingg!), kayaked through the mangroves, and rode ATVs through the rain forest.




Dodgeball 2011


Had fun with friends in Richmond. Worked hard in Richmond. Had more fun with friends in Richmond.



Shifted my rediscovered love of skiing to a rediscovered love of tennis. Played on 4 different teams, went to districts twice, sectionals once. Got disqualified from the USTA for “sandbagging” and self-rating myself too low. Oops? Probably explains why we kept winning…but sure helped to boost my confidence.




Cut bangs. Cue first big life change.




New York Carriage Ride


Spent Mother’s Day with three generations of women in New York City. Favourite new broadway show: Mary Poppins.




Sailing in Greece

Backpacked through Greece for two weeks in June with my sister. Stories include running out of gas and being rescued by a car of gay Greek men, getting a proposal from a man with no teeth, and few harrowing drives where we learned that my sister and I have a better relationship when she’s the one driving and I’m the one navigating. Add an inordinate amount of wine, food, and beautiful scenery and Greece quickly became one of my favourite places.



Tubing and camping with friends. Level .5 created!





Worked hard. Got promoted. Asked about London potential. Learned there was potential. That potential became a reality. Cried for lots of different reasons. Cue second big life change.




Went to Myrtle Beach with friends. Went to Medieval Times and got the flower from the red and yellow knight. Consider my dating standards lifted. Rediscovered my love of cheesey poofs. Dropped my standards back down a bit.

Eating with our hands

I <3 the red and yellow knight

Learned I need to work on my jumping skills









Jamie moved out.




Puerto Rico with my now former roommate Jamie where we went deep sea fishing and caught a 300 pound Blue Marlin. Was the only person on the boat not to get sick; however, being on a boat with 7 sick passengers was enough to make me never want to go deep sea fishing again. The weekend also included being propositioned by a…ahem…movie star.


At the show

Me and the bonus Jonas


Attended the MTV VMAs out in LA. Was pampered at a beautiful Beverly Hills resort, met the Jonas Brothers, Cobra Starship, Pauly D, and Seth Rogan. Saw Justin Bieber and my heart melted.




Dealt with my first real passing of a loved one – my sweet grandfather. Cried for one reason.

Too many things…


Packed my Fan apartment, unpacked at my mom’s place for a month, repacked to move to London, unpacked in London temporary housing, repacked in London temporary housing, unpacked again in hotel one, repacked hotel one, unpacked hotel two, repacked hotel two, unpacked in Notting Hill, unpacked again in Notting Hill after my things were shipped. I feel pretty confident in my bubble wrapping skills now.


Started a new job (in essence) with a new set of people, processes, and projects.



Traveled to Paris. Traveled to Prague. Traveled to Nottingham (a lot).



Traveled back home to see family and friends. Cried again.






All in all, I’m exhausted just thinking about 2011. I should say thank you to my friend Dan, who never goes anywhere without his camera. I’m lucky that he’s captured 2011 in pictures (and on Facebook) for me the rest of our friends, as most of these photos are his.


Here’s to hoping 2012 is just as fruitful as 2011.


The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.” (Psalm 126:3)

The BEST holidays

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