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2011 Camano Island, Washington

It’s that time of year when the temperatures are cold at night, and only get into the 50’s during the day. When the rare ray of sunshine peeks through, the fence in the backyard starts to steam off the night.


A couple of hours north of here closer to Canada is an island with some interesting views – Camano Island.


IMGP2559 IMGP2532 IMGP2549

You can take a couple of roads all the way around the island, so we stopped here and there to take a hike on a few beaches and in the woods.

IMGP2531 IMGP2535  IMGP2537

IMGP2544 IMGP2546


Along our drive we saw an interesting gate – and a little space-ship. Turns out that there are several artists on this island, and this one was a welder that built this beautiful gate and a shelter for his daughter for when she waited on the school bus. I’m sure she’s the only one on the island with something this nice to stay dry!

IMGP2543 IMGP2542

But the most amazing views are the trees. They are putting away the summer wardrobe and breaking out the Fall fashions for the show. Unbelievable sights along the roads.


IMGP2548 IMGP2547 IMGP2552

IMGP2551 IMGP2550 IMGP2560IMGP2555

The BEST holidays

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