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17. Christina (loves her wine over beer)

This is the lovely Christina, she’s very elegant and a big foodie. That’s why I take her to occasions where a spread of food is available. This adventure took us from German beer to Italian Wine. Sadly there weren’t any good-looking men around to flirt with, whilst we sampled our drinks!

Mabuhay Germany

mabuhay german

Mabuhay Germany’ is essentially a ‘welcome to the philippines’ meet and greet for newly arrived Germans to meet the expats who already live here. The entertainment is usually a concert where bands come to play plus the local German school puts on a few acts.  The event is held in my favorite area of Metro Manilla called Fort Bonifacio. The organizers put up a whole lot of stalls where you could try your luck at winning things but what most caught my eye were the beer and food stalls.

german food

I should be into beer especially since Kingfisher in India sponsors most of the fashion events, but I haven’t been able to, I prefer wine instead. According to two of my friends David Dye and Jonas Jarosch, they are under the belief that – NO one hates beer; they just haven’t found one they like as yet. With that in mind, every time I taste a beer I send them messages on Facebook. Honestly, that day, I preferred the sauerkraut to the beer, although the Erdinger was very tasty (Jonas just laughed at me saying it’s Bavarian, still don’t get the joke).


Apart form the beer and food, the highlight of my day were the dogs being walked around that area. These beagles were the cutest, this guy obviously has two;  he could have given me one! There were also two tiny pups, don’t know what breed but their owner dyed their puffy tails pink and green, cute but is it good for them?

Inspired much?

inspirational colours

As you may not know, I’m actually a trained fashion designer, although of late I seem to be straying further and further away from my dream of starting my own label. That doesn’t mean I don’t get inspired, that happens all the time. I saw this sofa with these cushions and fell in love with the colours. Wouldn’t those be gorgeous for spring summer, especially since a lot of the runways have seen a mixture of multicolored prints.

Italian Life Quotes

true dat

You’d think with the beer and German food, Christina and I would be full enough and just want to go home. Instead, we headed to Italian’s a quaint little Italian bistro. I wish I had taken pictures of the food, but I ate so quick that I though of photography only later! I did however love the quotes written on the walls. The best being ‘What’s an Italian celebration without wine? Pretty good but not perfect!’ (take that beer).

The BEST holidays

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