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16. Becca (wants to be pushed in a shopping cart)


Being Sunday, Becca and I decided we just wanted to be lazy, but little did we know that the parents had other plans. So having been knuckled into getting off the bed we first headed off to the grocery store and then to this place called tiendesitas, with little kiosks and stalls that have pets, fashion and antiques. Honestly though, we just wanted to be back in bed or pushed around in a shopping cart like the little kid below.

At the Grocery Store

who needs a pram

Like I said, wouldn’t you want to be pushed around like this? I hope the goods were comfy, judging from the blissful look on the kid’s face, I’m guessing she was sleeping on all her Pampers! Now I think you should know, when I was a kid I LOVED Hello Kitty. That’s why, when I saw this Japanese cheesecake with hello kitty embossed on it I had to buy it! It doesn’t taste great, but it isn’t as sweet as cheese cake from the cheesecake factory, so it’ll do. I still don’t know what an ice skin mooncake is, but I wasn’t feeling so adventurous, so didn’t try it.


The Antique Village

antique village

Shopping for antiques and handicrafts is one of my favourite pass times. It’s great to go to different countries and see antiques that are unique to that region. Sometimes you’ll find items from another country, centuries old and you wonder, how did it get there. Can you imagine the stories that red phone would tell us if it could talk? Since we just moved into our new home, we needed some more personality and though this place to start.

gorgeous house goods

Looking around I saw these pretty engraved cut glass/ mirror frames. The mirror immediately gives these pieces a contemporary feel with an old world charm. Unfortunately, I hadn’t carried enough money to buy one, but will surely be going back to pick up one of those picture frames. The Philippines seems to be filled with mother of pearl products. These lanterns are being put up in our neighbour hood and they look stunning at night. I was considering getting a bunch for our house in Pune because here everyone has them, making them very common.

The Fashion Village

fashion village

I could’ve gotten lost amongst the small boutiques in the fashion village. A lot of very cute clothes, all that have that Bangkok vibe. I would love to have a small shop in this area, call it Cassue, with stylish ready to wear women clothing and shoes of course! Good thing I wasn’t around any ATMs, would have wiped out my bank account, but definitely a place I want to come for fashion on a budget.

The Pet Village

doggie love

I want a dog, there I said it. Although all my friends and some family have told me to start with looking after a cactus first. I’m quite responsible you know! Anyway, I tried my best not to look at the boxer puppy, whose (I swear) bark sounded like “Sue take me home“. That’s just it though, home is India, and how would I take him home? I settled for looking at the dogs being groomed at the grooming salon and then being taken to the dog show. We need to have more dog shows in India, it’s so much fun and the dogs are just brilliant to watch. Wish I could train some of my men like I could train a German shepherd, wouldn’t that be something huh girls?

The BEST holidays

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