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1 Thing I Realized in Kuala Lumpur

October 29-November 2, 2011.

My family and I went to Malaysia for vacation. It was how we made the most out of my semestral break. I am the last person in this family who is still studying; thus, vacation schedules must be made according to my schedule. Good thing my very talented and travelling-addict sister made very good plans for the said vacation.
4 days in Malaysia.
1 important lesson.
Always believe in the goodness of people.


Mister Prakas

Meet Mister Prakas. He is a taxi (teksi as they spell it there) in Kuala Lumpur. He was our driver/tour guide/entertainer/inspiration during the DAY 3 of our stay in his country.

We asked the hotel where we were staying to please arrange someone to join us in our tour around the city and he was the one given to us. He was highly recommended, by the way. He came on time, met us at the hotel lobby and greeted us with a smile.

During the trip, he talked NON-STOP! :) ) He talked to my parents about raising children. He talked to my sister as to how it is  to be  a young professional. And to me as to how it is to be a student.

He shared a lot of things about himself and his family. He has been a teksi driver since 1980s. A lot of teksi drivers around the city knows him because he is one of the officers of the drivers’ association. He knows about Philippines too! He knows about Davao and Boracay. We knew that he has 3 children, all girls. All his children were able to finish school through the earnings he get from being a teksi driver. He now have a 2-yr old grand daughter who calls him “Tatay” and whom he loves very much. His daughters once asked him why he wasn’t that sweet to them as he is with his grand daughter. He told them that as a parent, his role was to raise and discipline; but now that he is a grandparent, his new role is to spoil and pamper with love his grand daughter. He also adores his wife and still speaks of her as if they are newly-married couple even though they are already in their late 60s. But above all, he loves HIM.  (They are Muslims. They worship Allah).

I have heard of that safety rule that when riding a cab, never ever sleep. I guess that rule applies even more when you are a tourist in the city where you cannot understand a single word in the local language. But, no. Mister Prakas made me defy that rule. He made me so comfortable with him that I slept after he finished talking to me about school stuff. He made me feel that he would not do anything to me and my family, even though we’ve just met a few hours ago. He made me feel safe in Kuala Lumpur.

Mister Prakas made such a great impact to me. In a world where everything you hear is negative, it has become so easy to make wrong misconceptions about people. But then, he made me believe in the goodness of people once again.

It may sound very cliche but if only the world were filled of people like Mister Prakas, then I guess it would be a very pleasing world to live in.


PS: The arrangement we had with Mr.Prakas was just for 8 hours but we exceeded. By 6PM, we were still on the expressway going back to our hotel. It was around that time too when his grand daughter called him in his cellphone to ask where he is. He apologized to her for not being home early and promised that he will bring home some McDonalds to make it up to her. :”)


The BEST holidays

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