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Zakynthos (Zante)

Last minute summer runaway..

So much like the trip to Palma a week earlier we found ourselves with three days off and nothing to do. It was the middle of summer so we rolled onto google flights and used the “anywhere” search technique to find somewhere sunny. Zakynthos, or Zante as it is referred to often in Britain due to the name of the popular strip, popped up and away we went.

We flew Jet2 operated by Titan Airways down to the island and it was quite a good flight and my only experience with Jet2 or Titan thus far. I managed to get a great view of the landing!

We stayed away from the night strip due to the fact we had done a night out in Magaluf only a week before and we were quite away from the town. We just chilled at the amazing accomodation and lounged by the pool in the 36 degree heat.

On the second day we wandered down to the closest town but there wasn’t all that much to it, signs saying “english breakfast” everywhere and so on. We decided to rent a car from a local place, not my first choice, but it was cheap and the paperwork seemed fine. In retrospect after the trip I realised if I ever came back I would (or I would tell anyone going to) rent a car at the airport as those taxis cost more than three days car rental and the roads were very easy to drive around on.


We went to the famous “shipwreck beach” and fought our way through the instagram couples.. so we could get our own instagram photos. It was a pretty rough little cliff walk actually and I wouldn’t recommend going without a set of trainers (I went in flip flops it wasn’t great). There isn’t actually all that much to see from the cliff (the beach is inaccessible except by boat.

From there we went to a small beach about 20 minutes away that my phone said had a cafe and a toilet. We arrived and there were some boats for rental and surprisingly were very cheap and didn’t require a valid boat licence. We took one and went around to shipwreck beach ourselves which was amazing.


We only had one full day in Zakynthos but I got a taste for it and will be back! The highlight was the accomodation by far. I would say that activates are limited but still an amazing place to go!



The BEST holidays

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