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Where I’ll Be and Travel Updates

Get ready Thailand, Momma Coop is taking wings from the U.S. for a visit! I’ll be leaving site to pick her up and have a three-week circular route planned for us. After that I’ll be taking another week’s vacation to prepare for the final Thai language test by hanging out at my old site in central Thailand before the close of service conference!! Craziness! I’ve prepared some things so that posts will still be appearing on here¬†through November, but if I don’t respond to comments right away, this is why. I’m extremely excited to go to Northern Thailand (if you couldn’t tell) and to hang out with my Mom for the first time in 22 months! I’m hoping to take lots of videos and some on-site vlogs, so be on the lookout for those when I get back in early December.

I have one more prerecorded video after this and then we go into, shall we say, reruns. More like other videos I like, but you get the picture.

The BEST holidays

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