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The visit to Vietnam was a good and short getaway from SG.

Other than the basic sightseeing, I thoroughly enjoyed myself during the cooking classes as I managed to somehow whipped 3 dishes + a drink with the guidance of my chef/guide. It was an immersive farm tour near cu chi tunnels with farmwork+ cooking of authentic and delicious Vietnamese food.

After we are done savouring our food, we left for cu chi tunnels and I was deeply awed by how the Viets managed to survive in underground tunnels as small as this:

And hearing their stories of survival underground for 20 years made me realised the importance of living in the moment.

If they have worried about their bleak future and their worrying living conditions, they would not have survived.

It is precisely their grit to just live for the day and treat everyday as a lucky day to be alive that helped them to live through such difficult times.


The BEST holidays

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