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TV for Anglophiles

Aside from watching our favorite hockey team dominate the competition, hubby and I are not really big TV people – especially when you compare us to the average household.  I, particularly, can go days without turning on the TV and won’t really feel like I’m missing out on anything.  Still, we do have a few favorite shows.  And since we’re confessed Anglophiles, most of our favorite shows hail from across the pond – which is a good way for us to keep up with the mother country in between trips.  Ever wondered what an Anglophile’s DVD cabinet looked like?  Here’s a list of hubby’s and my favorites…

Jeeves and Wooster – The four-season miniseries version of P.G. Wodehouse’s hilarious Jeeves books is absolutely priceless.  Hubby and I watch it together and wipe tears from our eyes from all the laughing we do at the antics one of my favorite duos.  The cast is phenomenally talented, headlined by the incomparable Stephen Fry as Jeeves and a young Hugh Laurie as Bertie.  Watching Jeeves and Wooster together has been a bonding experience for hubby and me, and not a day goes by where one or the other of us doesn’t quote or joke about the show.  We’ve also turned into Jeeves and Wooster missionaries and regularly force our houseguests to watch with us.  Some of our friends have been known to immediately purchase the series on DVD after staying with us.

Downton Abbey – This is a new discovery.  I’d heard great things about the show, which just started airing its second season over in England and has attained quite the following there.  (The second season won’t air until January here in the Colonies.)  Then my father-in-law, a proud Anglophile himself, recommended the show independently.  That was all I needed to order the first season on DVD and hubby and I have been watching it to prepare for the next season.  So far we love it and can’t get enough! 

The Office – The British version, that is.  (I also have every season of the American version of the show, since I’m a huge fan – but we’re talking about British shows here.)  Witty and hilarious, and it really drives home the truth that there are things you can get away with on British TV that would never fly on American TV.  I blame the Puritans.

Pride and Prejudice – Okay, this one is just for me, but sometimes I simply have to pop the BBC miniseries into the DVD player and swoon over Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy.  One of my favorite actors, playing the romantic hero from one of my favorite books?  And gorgeous English scenery thrown into the bargain?  Sign me up.

Top Gear – And this one just applies to hubby, since I find cars to generally be dullsville.  But even I have to admit that the Clarkson/May/Hammond trio have their moments when they can be pretty funny, and I do like the shots of the English countryside.  Hubby, however, is completely devoted to Jeremy Clarkson and hangs on the man’s every automobile-centric word.

So there you have it – that’s what’s playing in this Anglophile household.  Do you have any favorite British TV shows that I can become obsessed with?  Spill.

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