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Traveling dreams

I never knew what were my talents or things I did best, except for the fact that I learned languages pretty quick, at least I was told that by my teachers. I was never good at science or math, I didn’t hate the subjects either, they just weren’t that appealing to me. I used to deaydream and space out all the time in class, imagining exotic and misterious places that I would visit as a grownup.

When the time came to choose a path, a degree, I was stuck and had no idea wich way to go. The moving to a different country factor was also very important in my decision making process. I never thought I would end up in Spain.
So I thought the only thing I really like is traveling and learning about different cultures. So I went with Turism, a 3 year degree that has nothing to do with traveling nor learning about the mayas, but to the contrary it turned out to be a business degree in disguise. Such disappointment! I somehow managed to finish it, and learned a lot about business and accounting but not much about the traveling. I did however enjoyed the airlines and transport subjects because I’ve always felt a sort of fascination for all kinds of boats and airplanes.

College is over and I’m still not working in this field. I haven’t traveled much this last year, due to some money issues (as you all know Spain is not doing great with the recession) but I had plenty of time on my hands. All that free time translated into some real thinking process which led me to my oldest dream: traveling and writing about my adventures. I stopped imagining myself doing that for a long time.
I went back to my early years in high school when all I did was daydreaming about it.
I also remembered how much fun I had in college doing this presentation about Canada and how deeply in love I was with this country.

The person who reminded me how much I wanted to go to Canada was Glee star, Cory Monteith. It’s not only the show itself that brought my dreams back to life but Corys feedback made realize that everything is possible. That we have to follow our dreams no matter what!

Don’t get me wrong I love Spain. It’s a beautiful country and it’s what I call home but I need more, I need to see the world… I get itchy feet every time I think about it!!

I’m going to leave you with some beautiful pics of the north of Spain. These are from my last visit in 2009.

The BEST holidays

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