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The Hole

Spiral down my love of you,
Into green daylight
Where my
Heart turns bleu.
Yellow yellow,
Midnight bellow;
Mixtures of color
Turns into dread,
As I lay within
A feather full bed.
Manifestations of my only fear,
Dance as do children,
As their birthday draws near.
The cavernous labyrinth of love,
Was and remains
Retained in tomorrow, in time and today.
Untie me now and allow for some sleep; for with or without you,
One must still eat.
Hunger is such that I’ll surely be fat,
Or forced to withdrawl my name from the hat.
To bad too many choices,
To bad your a catch,
Too many directions, and competition to match.
I’ll never recover what I innately received,
The price of admission, thoughts of deceit.
Experience teaches wisdom or so some would claim,
But who teaches whom when none are the same.
Only my eyes are stuck in this mess;
I shoveled the rest from heart into head.
I begrudgingly tried,
And found I was less
Inclined to feel depressed; depression at best.
Never to walk, i am always to run;
Slowly own your crestfallen fold,
I wonder if ever,
I’ll crawl from this hole.

The BEST holidays

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