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Thank Goodness Gracious it’s Saturday.

This day couldnt have come soon enough. And I’ll try to tell you why.

Brought on completely by my own doing, this has been QUITE the busy week, as you have been reading.

Thursday night I worked the hockey game and while I was there I received a text. Without going into details and to protect the identity of those involved- I received word that some of my previous posts may have caused a bit of upset and miscommunication. Before I begin, at no time did I ever want to hurt anyone’s feeling while writing. I dont think that is the job of a blogger. I merely wanted to express how my day unfolded unsensored while remaining true to the nature of my feelings. I dont blame anyone for anything that happened, but I have learned a very valuable lesson. The power of words and the ability for social media to spread those words at a rapid pace. As writers, we have a responsibility to tell the truth- but not at the expense of those involved. We also have the responsibility to those who we write about- regardless. Learning the hard way, I realize now that I am in a position (however big or small) to affect people’s opinions and their reputation. With that said, I shall leave it at that. If you have no idea what I am talking about- never mind. If you know- my sincere apologies for words that did not quite come across as I would have liked. Ottawa Senators Vs. Florida Panthers 10/27/11: Kyle's Free NHL Hockey Pick

The Senators took on the Florida Panthers and I was sent on assignment. My good friends the Ledoux family were at the game, so I was able to visit with them for a bit. I got reconnected with a few of my friends from high school. Jonathan has stayed in touch really well the boys from high school. I unfortunately have not been that successful or deligent with maintaining a lot of my high school relations, so it was a refreshing time to see a lot of them again.

The game was very exciting. The Sens had some great shots but could not fend off a late third period goal by the panthers. Jason Spezza continued to carry the team and captain Daniel Alfredsson returned to action after being sidelined with injury. Rookie Mika Zibanejad has been sent back to the Swedish Elite league but the Sens found some amazing goals my Michalek and a nailbighter last ditch goal by Nick Foligno. The Snes continued to get production out of goaltender Craig Anderson.

I was able to avoid some traffic on my way home and got home and watch a bit of news and then feel asleep.

I awoke to a pretty chilly morning and I even think there was some frost! However, motivation forced me out the door to complete my morning shake out run. I got home showered, ate a fantstic bowl of cereal, made my lunch, tended to the cat, scrapped the car, and roared into work. I didnt really have much to do at work today, and it was Friday, so I tried to maintain the best focus possible and be productive.

I contacted the promotions officer from work and told her that I really wanted to be involved with her and learn from her. Especially since she is so busy, I wanted to be of some assistance! She gave me a few things to work on and I took them on with gusto!

I left work around 4pm and went to the track. This week is the OUA Cross Country Championships and I wanted to be there. I was meeting my friend Julia for a run. When I got there, the Queen’s team was just leaving from their course shake-out. I ran onto the bus where there were to say hi. It was a strange feeling being back on the bus with the team that I used to be part of. I saw some new faces, and some familiar ones too. But, I knew that it was not my place to necessarily be there- it was their weekend!

After my run with Julia, I drove her home and got caught in the traffic for the Selena Gomez concert. Apparently it was a sold-out show! As it!!! Except while I was in traffic, I had some time to think. Which in my case, is always a bad thing! I started to panic that the cat food store was going to be closed and I was going to be gone the next day before it opened. Which meant that my cat was not going to have any food to eat! I had to get to this cat food store.

Thank goodness for Friday business hours! I got there just in time and bought an extra can. I then went to Farm Boy for some dinner ingrediants and to think about what I would have for tomorrow’s dinner when my parents returned. Earlier that week in Farmboy I had purchased a type of cereal grains that were promoted on Dragon’s Den- one of the best shows in the world! I bought it and dint take note of the prize. Apparently- it was a premium. I returned it, jotted down the ingrediants and then when to Bulk Barn and made it myself for about 4 dollars total! Less than a third of the price. How frugal of me- pat on my back!

For dinner I watched more Dragon’s Den while enjoying the world’st best omelet. Then it was to bed.

The alarm clock went off pretty early for a Saturday, but it had to be done. Julia and I wanted to run before the OUA race. It was quite chilly on the run and I was sore from the week’s miles and trials! But having a partner makes running bearable. The races rpoved to be exciting. The course was hard and it was windy. A girl from Toronto won the women’s race and Guelph took the men’s. Guelph was also the team champion in both the men’s and women’s.

I left absolutely FROZEN and rushed home to grab some lunch, tend to the cat and make sure that the house was spike and span for the arrival of my parents. I tracked their flight online and realized that it was going to be late, so I left later. I actually got to the airport without much traffic and they got off the plane without me having to wait for too long. It felt like old time. It was great to see them. Mom was invogorated and I could tell she wanted to tell me lots! And I wanted to hear everything, but I was very tired. Dad looked pretty whipped.

We got home, shared the week’s stories over dinner and Mom showed me some souvenirs. I am not the very proud owner of lots of tea, a shirt from Oxford University, a new mug, and a brilliant bowl that is perfect for my cereal tomorrow. Can’t wait.

And now it is just after 8pm on a Saturday. And it could just as well be midnight. This week was busy and a bit stressful. I realized valuable lessons, but I also was a bit sad. I was sad today after the race. I realized that university athletics is in my past. I was trying to hold onto it for some reason and I guess that I figured that I would be able to jump right back into the momentum and feeling at the race today. But despite being a alumni and a member for four years, it was not my team anymore- it was theirs now. They had the whole season behind them. The had bounded and gelled and I was just now a spectators. I felt awkward being around them. The ran fantastic and I felt like a proud mom. I am thankful that I was able to be a part of that.

The days just FLY by. And the nights just get shorter. The temperature is dropping and tomorrow I hope will be a nice relaxing Sunday. A nice hot cup of my new tea and maybe some yoga…. Ahhhh, bliss.

Thank Goodness Its Saturday.

The BEST holidays

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