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Spain is not a caribbean island.

Spain is not a  caribbean island.
This explanation may seem stupid, but I have a reason for it.  Many tourists who visit the country at this time (fron octobber  to may), not only did not bring coat or something to keep them warm. would almost  say that apart from a couple of shirts and sandals the rest are colored bikinis and a jacket in case  they go out at night. The reason  why some people, despite google,  still  thinking that this country is somewhere in South America or the Caribbean. I  don’t t blame them, when I lived in England , I remember  how travel agents, deployed wonderful photos full of sun and beaches. -¡ Take  trip to Spain  the  country  with eternal sun!!. ¿  Who can resist such a bargain?. Having  passing  part of my childhood in Barcelona.I knew very well that every winter we get a Russian polar cold that makes your hands  frozen and your feel .In  your body are driven thousands of pins. This is not to deny that we have four summer months. And there is a island Canarias  where  they  only know spring and summer. But Spain, one of the countries most partygoers. If not the most festive of European countries, is far from being a Caribbean island. I ‘m writing this post sitting in my bed with the blanket covering my feet.







It is Sunday at 11:20 am. It  have  been s raining for two week  now,it’s cold, and a hot chocolate, helps me forget that summer is over. We are in November near Christmas. If you are thinking of visiting Spain at this time, don’t forget to bring a coat. My advise to clueless look on google weather  for any trip. welcome to Madrid  my city at the moment. May the sun gone, but the fall in Retiro park and la Casa  de Campo,  del Moro  park  is beautiful. The cold is a good excuse to go to museums: Reina Sofia, the Prado, Thyssen Bornemisza my favorite .  If love  warn  an cute place   they are  plenty bars  and restaurant  to go  a n enjoy..

I have  to  write   more about  Madrid.  So  come  back  to  check   for more  post .

The top apps that will appear in my post, is because I participate in NabloPomo. I have to say, I found out later this month. I already wrote post on day 1, 2, 3 November. I have some issues I wanted to try so that they blend with the  one NabloPomo  suggested  me

Hope you like it.

The BEST holidays

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