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Sore feet but a great day

Vicki came up with the idea of exploring Cockatoo Island today. Sounded like a good suggestion to me so after a leisurely breakfast we set off to explore this island in the middle of Sydney Harbour. Light rail to the Maritime Museum then two ferry trips and we arrived at Cockatoo Island. I use an app called Moovit for moving around the city. Just input your destination and it shows the public transport options to get there. Very handy app.

Light ship Carpentaria and barque James Craig

First used as a convict goal a lot of these stone buildings are still standing but it is for shipbuilding that Cockatoo Island is best known. 

Military barracks from the convict era 

The island is now a UNESCO listed heritage site and you can wander around the derelict ship building facilities. There are two slip launching ways and two dry docks. The Bass Strait ferry Empress of Australia was built here and at that time she was the biggest passenger ferry in the world. The Empress was also the ship I left Tasmania on all those years ago to seek fame and fortune abroad. Pity about the fame and fortune though.  The last naval ship built on the island was HMAS Success launched in 1984. The island was decommissioned as a ship building site in 1991 and the dry docks permanently flooded. 

Dry docks

It was rather sad looking at the many photos of the island in its shipbuilding days. Hundreds of apprentices and tradesmen buildings ships that the country was justly proud of. Now we get our ships, and almost everything else built overseas. We can not even build our own warships! 

Administrators house 

The island is now administered by a trust who maintain the island and run accomodation facilities. There are fully equiped tents or you can rent one of the restored houses. 

Tent accomodation 

We arrived back at our hotel mid afternoon a bit worn out from our days exploration as a we did a lot of walking on the island. After a bit of a rest it was time to find a restaurant for dinner. Chinatown is on one side of our hotel and Capitol Square on the other. Tonight we headed to Capitol Square. Just for a change we didn’t have Chinese food but ate at a Japanese restaurant. Had a delicious beef and vegetable hotpot.

Today (Friday) we join our cruise ship. We use a company called Redy2Go to get from airport to hotel and cruise terminal. They run a fleet of mini buses and are pretty efficient. We are due to be picked up at 11:15 and taken to the White Bay Cruise Terminal. Should join the ship just in time for lunch!



The BEST holidays

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