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So Glad You’re Here, Girlies!

More than anything I’ve seen this weekend #anditwasquitealot, I’m most appreciative for the chance to have people to share it with firsthand #LindseyRachelHaleyMadie. Straight up #nowtell me, most of the places we toured are indescribable. How can I adequately detail the layers of dirt on the temple walls that have been in place for more than 2000 years #andaresacred, or the feeling of foreboding when looking up a mountain and seeing just how much is left to climb #stairmaster, or even the smell of China? It’s a tough job.

I’ve tried to give a real representation of everything I’ve experienced through le blog, but having the girls here to see/smell/hear/taste Chinalife in real time has been so refreshing. I’m so happy I’ll have someone #timesfour to say ‘remember that time when we dominated that mountain?’ or ‘remember that time we ate sea cucumbers?’ or ‘remember that time we followed the flag?’ to. It’s also been great to see them begin to hold their own in China #notaneasytask.

The 2 weeks they’ve been here have passed by super quickly #formeatleast, and they only have 2 more. I’ll be sad to see them go.

Congratulations to Rachel, Madie, Lindsey, and Haley for marking ‘Climb to the top of Tai Shan and live to tell about it‘ off our bucket lists #epic. If you all hadn’t been there, there’s no way I would have made it.

The BEST holidays

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