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recent activities

All right folks, the day came last week. I am now 40! I was planning to do a longer post, but apparently, I’ve reached the end of my storage space for new photos on my computer (nothing like a 40th birthday reminder of my technological unsavvyness)!

I’m having a great birthday (I like to take the whole week)! I had some shopping excursions with my mother, an aquarium visit with mr. strivingcynic, a lovely tour of pretty north Jersey towns (we went to look at the leaves yesterday, they were mostly past peak, but still very pretty in some areas).

I’ll write more about all these things in the coming days, but for now here are some of the photos I managed to retrieve!

opal (birthstone) necklace from mr. sc…

I love opals, so I’m lucky they’re my birthstone. They say it’s bad luck to buy your own, so the ones I have are presents. I love the opal and silver combination!

present for sc kitty

Strivingcynic cat loves playing with a gift bag (I’ll show that present another post)!

some Camden aquarium penguins

The iPhone definitely took better fish pictures, so those will have to wait until there’s enough room on my computer. In the meantime, the penguins made for good subjects!

Lake Mohawk, New Jersey

Mr. sc and I went to Sparta which sits on Lake Mohawk.

another road shot, northern nj this time

Yellow isn’t my favorite color, but I do love yellow leaves.

pretty trees (and poles) Stokes State Forest

We also went to Stokes State Forest and wandered around a bit. It was a little cold (although there were people wearing shorts). We went to Stony Lake.

Stony Lake at Stokes State Forest

So very pretty!

fallen leaves on the trail

I guess I like my “path shots” too.

Anyway, a little description of my activities the last few days as a new 40 year old!

What are your birthday traditions? Do you have a birthday day, week, month? What is the autumn leaves situation where you live?

The BEST holidays

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