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Playing Tourists in Brazil II (Rio de Janiero II) Porto Bay Rio Internacional Hotel

Porto Bay Rio Internacional Hotel

We have arrived at Rio de Janiero!

On the way to Porto Bay Rio Internacional Hotel which is right smack on Copacabana beach and all rooms are guaranteed beachview, our guide updated with lots of do’s and don’ts to ensure our stay at Rio would be a safe and enjoyable one. Don’t wear watches (even cheap ones coz no one knows it’s cheap), don’t wear jewellery including wedding ring, don’t carry expensive handbags. Do bring just enough money around, don’t shop in Rio it’s too expensive, Bolivia and Peru is cheaper (this is so true) prices are like in Aust and as everybody knows, prices in Aust are expensive, dress like the local (nothing fancy on the beach). Locals wear skimpy bikini and the tiniest speedos for the men. Rio is where you can find a hot babe in skimpy bikini alongside a 70 year old grandmother in equally skimpy white bikini and a 65 year old man with huge beer belly and white skin in a red speedo which barely covers anything.

We like Porto Bay Hotel! Our room had a balcony which had side view of the beach and a direct distant view of Christo Redentor and the local housing. The floor felt a bit sandy at first but it IS a beachside hotel.

The bathroom was a bit unusual in that the light above the shower is blue. Not soft blue, bright blue like those public bathroom where they put light blue so that drug addicts cannot inject themselves (you can’t see veins under blue light).

we like the blue and white theme

Side view from our balcony

Straight view from our balcony

Service : top service. Staff greeted us everytime they saw us. They hanged a weather card on the door every morning. On 2 different mornings the customer service manager lined up with all her staff in front of breakfast room greeted every guests and handed out customer service survey to find out what we like and didn’t like about the hotel. A hotel which is that serious about continuous improvement is a good hotel to me! We requested an absurdly early breakfast (3 AM) on our last night at the hotel coz we had to catch an early flight the next day. Not only they said no problem straight away, on the said morning we found a generous spread of breakfast waiting for us at the breakfast room prepared by a lone staff in the kitchen. He got a huge thank you from us. In this trip, only Buenos Aires had denied us an early breakfast and we asked for the 5.30AM breakfast which you know, not that early.

On check in we were informed by front office about hotel’s beach service. On the beach direct in front of the hotel you would find white beach umbrellas and lounge chairs proudly bearing the name “Porto Bay”. It is manned by 2 hunks covered in tattoos and an earring on one ear who would watch your belonging while you took a dip in the water, moved my umbrella as the sun moved, and were sweet as lamb that they bought coconut drink from the beach kiosks for guests when requested (part of the service). People, this service in itself is enough reason to stay at Porto Bay.

Normally you had a to hire the umbrella and lounge from various kiosks dotted on the beach, brought own towel and somehow took all your belonging with you into the water. But not for us because we stayed at Porto Bay!

Location:on Copacabana beach. We went to a night market on one of the night (not sure if it’s on every night or every night). It was a good 35-40 mins walk from hotel, keep to well lit area. Lots of havainas with rhinestones on sale. There is very nice chicken place next to the hotel in the little lane, opposite the “kg” restaurant. Brazil does the best chicken. They are small (no hormone injection), tasty & simply delicious! The chicken place is a modest and clean eatery. Please do try them. Try the rice as well, it’s also tasty. Plenty of eateries around the hotel and we found a few souvenir shop a few blocks away. This hotel is next to the Copacabana Palace, the grande dame of Rio.

Facility: beach service, gym on top floor overlooks the beach. Rooftop swimming pool with bar on the side (of course). We took night photos of Copacabana from this rooftop.

Food: nice spread of breakfast selection including mango, banana, interesting cakes served in the restaurant with Copacabana beach as the view.

Verdict: if you want to stay on Copacabana beach, has a room with beach view, in a nice, clean, 4-5 stars hotel without taking a new bank loan, Porto Bay is the answer. We are happy with this hotel.

Sunset from balcony

Night view from balcony. The photo doesn't show it but we can see Cristo Redentor statue lit up from here.

Sunset from hotel's rooftop swimming pool

Copacabana beach taken from hotel's rooftop swimming pool

Breakfast round 1

Breakfast round 2

View at breakfast (hotel's restaurant)

The BEST holidays

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