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Pike’s Peak, America’s Mountain


July 9, 2018

On our first full day in Colorado Springs we set out to explore Pike’s Peak or as it is lovingly called “America’s Mountain”. This mountain rises to 14,115 feet above sea level and it makes a beautiful backdrop to the city as it can be seen from miles and miles around the Colorado Springs area.


After going through the gates and paying admission, we were given instructions and warnings about the drive to the top. This is a very steep 19 mile up to the clouds with numerous switchbacks. We were asked if we had at least ½ a tank of gas, our brakes were checked, told to turn off our air conditioner, we were asked if we knew how to use our Jeep’s low gears as they would be needed on the way down and also to allow 2-3 hours for the round trip. All these safety warnings were music to the ears of Leo, he loves an adventure.


The drive started pleasant enough ascending through beautiful alpine forest with scenic stops along the way with interesting signs warning about a “big foot crossing” and other scenic stops such as the “bottomless pit”. At 9,160 foot we found a gorgeous view point at the Crystal reservoir and visitor center. We made a stop here to enjoy a quick hike around the lake and pick up a couple of souvenirs at the gift shop. A toy stuffed lady Bigfoot complete with painted pink toes was irresistible to me

The BEST holidays

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