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Padang Masakan – Indonesian Food

Padang Maskan Indonesian food - Bali Street Photographer

Late night munchies. Padang Masakan (West Sumatra cuisine) being served up on the back streets of Kuta Beach, Bali.

About Masakan Padang

Padang Masakan or cuisine originating from West Sumatra is my favourite Indonesian food. Many Padang Masakan warungs offer just as much vegetarian options as they have meat dishes.

Sample Masakan Padang dishes (vegetarian)

What I like the most is the green curry with tofu, lumpia, tempe gorengan, corn fritters, and tahu Mendoan–enak/yum! To drink, I almost always go with es jeruk nipis tanpa gula dan straw plastik (local orange or lime juice with ice, no sugar, and no straw).

You can find Padang Masakan warungs throughout Indonesia. If you are in Ubud, the Puteri Minang warung is not to be missed.


Puteri Minang Padang Food - Bali Street Photographer

Puteri Minang warung in Ubud, Bali


When you go, here’s what to do

  1. A server will great you at the food counter and start preparing your plate.
  2. Choose your rice if they have more options than plain white (i.e., brown or red rice).
  3. Choose your food. Your server will put them on your plate.
  4. When you are finished selecting, the server will ask you what you want to drink.
  5. Your server will bring your drink and put your bill on your table.
  6. When you are done eating, take your bill to the cashier and pay.

Selamat makan (happy eating).

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