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Over 9,000 have pitched in to buy this French chateau together

Castles are expensive.

They cost an arm and a leg to buy – and that’s before you even start to think about how to heat the bloody place.

But you know, that’s just the reality of owning a sick piece of 13th-century architecture surrounded by stunning countryside and a beautiful moat.

For many of us, owning a proper chateau is nothing more than a dream.

But for 9,000 people, that dream has just become a reality.

Dartagnans, a French crowdfunding service dedicated to preserving French heritage, has just asked people to buy Château de la Mothe-Chandeniers – a castle that has fallen to rack and ruin.

And people jumped at the change.


All money raised goes towards restoring and preserving the castle and so far, more than  €760,000 (£670,000) has been raised by 9,427 people.

And more potential owners are welcome to join in.

‘The idea is not just about raising the money, but getting as many people as possible to participate in saving this magical, fairytale place,’ Dartagnans founder Romain Delaume tells The Guardian.

‘The more the merrier’.


This particular caste has never been designated as a historic landmark for some reason, so there’s never been any kind of protection to stop it from being destroyed.

This ‘Adopt un chateau’ project, however, is putting that responsibility in the hands of the people – which is possibly the most gallic thing ever.

Of course, these 9.5k won’t all be able to go and live in the castle (that would be ridiculous) but they can visit it once it’s been fully restored next year.


And they’ll have the ultimate bragging right – that they own a goddamn castle.

Viva la revolution!

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