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Off to pick a peck



Early Sunday morning, A-dawg and I met up with the gang and hit the road to Woodstock, IL.  We missed the hippies and bands jamming out, but we made it to the intended apple orchard only to be rejected because the owner changed his operating hours.  He popped out of his house – yes, his house – to inform of us of what we already knew…they were closed…and we realized that we may have just narrowly avoided the “Orchard where you go in but you don’t come out…muah ha ha.” 

Disclaimer: Not really the person that came out of the house…but right up there on the creepy meter with the real apple farmer


We quickly regrouped and headed out; a 15 minute drive down the road found us at another much larger apple orchard that was not only open but completely devoid of the scary factor.  We bought our 1/2 peck baggies, paused for a quick photo op

Tiny torso lady, coming at ya!


 and hopped on the hay ride to be taken to a large orchard with a good variety of apples for our picking pleasure. 

I'm gonna get the big red ones. You get the big green ones. Then, we will eat a sumo sized apple pie


The fact that it was near the end of October meant we were a bit late in the apple season for picking, but there were still plenty of apples to be had.  Some did require a bit more work than others to get down, but when you find that perfect apple, no branches or height will get in your way. 

J-swizzle climbing one of the trees to get the pretty ones at the top.


C-lo all up in that tree's business


My launch into the trees yielded the perfect "Give it to your teacher" apple complete with single leaf


After we all filled our 1/2 peck bags to capacity, we jumped back on the wagon to return to the farm’s hub.  Our day trip to the middle of nowhere was not quite finished yet though.  All Seasons Orchard was having a sale of $10 for 2 of any size pumpkin.  So, everyone traipsed over to the pumpkin patch to select our pumpkins for the carving contest this weekend. 

He loves that pumpkin…but it's not the one he chose to waddle back with to the car


Of course, I wanted the most warty and disgusting looking one.  Upon seeing it, A-dawg politely asked me to not pick such a revolting pumpkin because just looking at it made him ill.  Despite my not understanding why such a reaction was a bad thing, I did end up selecting a slightly less warty but much larger pumpkin.  How big?  33 pounds of orange festiveness.  I waddled that thing back to the car and am now planning what to do with it to capitalize on its size and slight wartiness.


J-swizzle hearts his pumpkin and needs a nap apparently.

The BEST holidays

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