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i have been neglectful … of you all

sorry … i’ll try harder

it’s all because of this

649. City Arcade, Birmingham (c.1928)

well, not specifically this postcard of the city arcade in birmingham

but because of arcades – that’s what my thesis is on … and it’s frantic …

phds are rewarding but time consuming

the photo? a very cool present from a flickr friend in sydney … i was speechless with gratitude

it arrived today so i thought i should share.

click on the image for more info!

more about arcades later … when i have time

oh … i also got this:

206. Canberra Hotel, Brisbane (1929-1935)

it’s very cool too – and relates to a former research project

thanks to ben … for the helpful pointers, research and lovely vintage pics that i don’t have time to trawl ebay for myself

The BEST holidays

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