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My favorite tips for domestic flying

Tips for Domestic Airline Travel
  1. Arrive 2 hours prior to your flight. If you are not checked in with boarding pass in hand by then, the airline may give your seat to someone flying standby.
  2. Remember the airport policies for liquids and security. You are only allowed liquids and gels in three ounce or smaller containers. All of your liquid/gel containers must fit in to one quart sized bag. Also remember you are most likely going to be taking your shoes off to go through security, so if you are iffy about floors, wear socks.

    Security with a smile. Just be prepared!

  3. Some airlines still don’t charge for your baggage. Jetblue gives you your first bag free and Southwest allows you two free bags.
  4. Put your contact information as well as your itinerary in the front pouch of your suitcase in case you become separated from it.
  5. Always carry important items in your carry on. For example, medicines (in their original prescription bottles), jewelry, cash, etc.
  6. CHECK THAT THE SPELLING OF YOUR NAME MATCHES YOUR ID EXACTLY (yeah… people still call us crying from the airport)
  7. If you are going to get food at the airport, wait till you are through security and get something on the other side. I can’t tell you how many stressful times I have stood in security lines hoping I’m not late for my plane because I stopped for a Starbucks before going through!
  8. If you are going to be hungry, bring something to eat on the plane. In consideration to the other passengers, please make sure it’s a non-smelly food.
  9. Bring your patience. I have said this before and I will say this in every post that I do regarding flying. No one gets up in the morning and says “oh goodie! I get to stand in line, so I can be molested, so I can go sit in a sardine can, where I have to worry about getting safely to my destination, and the airlines are charging me for everything except the air I breathe practically.” It just isn’t happening. So tempers are shorter, stress is higher, and people need a smile.
  10. Last tip for the day (and this one also applies to every time you fly), being a flight attendant is a very high stress job. A good portion of them are doing the best they can. Yes, there are some who are on a power trip and are unbelievably rude, but that isn’t the norm. Please be kind to flight attendants and hopefully they will be kind to you in return.

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