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Munich: objects behind glass

Wandering around Munich on a sunny Sunday morning was very enjoyable, except for one thing: all the shops were shut!  I am trying these days not to be such a shop-a-holic but there were some things in the shop windows which I would have dearly loved to investigate more closely… particularly:

Schnapps!  This shop was filled, floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall, with different varieties of schnapps, and little (or big) bottles you could take some home in.  It was very disappointing not to be able to sample their wares.

We also passed by what looked like a paint pigment shop, which I have never seen before.  Not general art supplies, just pigments, but in all colours and sizes of container.

Probably a good thing I was unable to be lured in by the pretty rainbow colours and buy some random pigments which I would have no practical use for whatsoever.  And finally, not behind shop-window glass, but deli-counter glass, some glorious slabs of salmon in a very fancy food shop.

We didn’t sample these either, although we could have, but instead chose not to spoil our dinners with late-afternoon snacks, which was probably wise considering the heft of traditional Bavarian fare!

The BEST holidays

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