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Munich Birthday


The birthday girl

The sole reason for heading to Munich on December 5th was to help a new friend celebrate her 80th birthday. Renate and Jim are friends of Dave and Claire’s and we have met them several times through Dave and Claire.  Renate is German born and had never had a birthday party; so, her very lovely husband, Jim, decided that it was high time to remedy that situation.  They very kindly included Michael and me in the birthday invitation and we are so very happy and honored that they did.

The party was held at a Munich restaurant called Käfer-Schänke. What a beautiful place! We were in a private room (there were about 24 of us) and it was intimate, elegant and wonderful.

We were greeted by handsome waiters who kept our champagne glassed filled and our fingers full of yummy little appetizers.  The meal was superb: First course of two types of smoked salmon served with dainty dollops of horseradish and caviar and some yogurty sauce; a too large bowl of a delectable butternut squash soup garnished with pumpkin seeds, pumpkin oil and a skewer of grilled chicken; a main course of saddle of veal served on a smear of celeriac purée and a heap of perfectly cooked winter vegetables, including the smallest Brussels sprouts I have ever seen; and, finally, a chestnut and cranberry torte with baked apple ice cream.  All courses accompanied by generous and repeated pours of appropriate white and red wines.

As delicious as the food was, the company was even better.  Many of the guests were German friends and family and we were seated in a delightful mish-mash, which allowed us the opportunity to visit with both old friends and new.  It was a spectacular evening.

Thanks to Claire for her food photos.

The BEST holidays

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