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Melia Madrid Princessa Hotel – Madrid



It is soooo hot, tattoos melt around here.  40 degrees outside.  Celsius.  That’s over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  In the summers in Madrid, there’s no airconditioning in hotel lobbies and in hallways.  At least in the world of Melia Madrid Princessa Hotel.  I get it, Spain’s economy is not doing well, and since the rooms are fully airconditioned, I adjust.  This is a great opportunity to practice Flexibility and Attitude.  Besides if everything is fully airconditioned, and everything goes as you are accustomed, wouldn’t it be like you never left home?  This is good – you know you’re definitely in a different country now.  There’s something to talk about.  Enjoy.  Just smile, save those wrinkles, this trip is paid for, you’re probably going over your budget with souvenirs, so you’re probably out of dollars for botox.  At least I am.  So smile.

The BEST holidays

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