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Kellie Sanford Law (Professional Portraits + Architecture)

Meet Kellie, one of my most kindred spirits and favorite people. Kellie makes me proud to be her friend. Not only is she a global traveler, a woman of great conviction, and completely hilarious, she’s also an accomplished defense attorney in Phoenix. Kellie is planning to redesign the Kellie Sanford Law website, so she hired me to create some professional portraits of her.

Additionally, Kellie asked me to capture architectural images of 1) the new Maricopa County Superior Court building, and 2) “Barrister Place,” which in the mid-1990′s was a hotel built, owned and operated by her grandfather, an immigrant from Lebanon.

Maricopa County Superior Court: "The First Duty of Society is Justice."

The new Superior Court building isn’t completely finished yet, so we did our best to work around the construction mess at ground level. The building is beautifully adorned with copper, one of Arizona’s Five C’s.Barrister Place is almost 100 years old, and sits on the corner of Jefferson and Central in downtown Phoenix, just blocks from the new Courthouse. It is also situated across the street from the building where Kellie worked as a public defender early in her legal career.

When Kellie’s grandfather built the hotel, the Fleur de Lis was a design theme, as visible below on the hotel exterior. Inside, each guest room was furnished with an iron bed that also incorporated the Fleur de Lis. Kellie still has one of those beds in her home in Phoenix. Below, you can see Kellie’s old public defender office reflected in the windows of Barrister Place, and the Fleur de Lis detail on the building’s exterior.

Barrister Place, Central and Jefferson, Phoenix, AZ

Here’s Kellie again, in front of her grandfather’s building. Can you just imagine how special this is for Kellie, and what it will mean to her family? It’s such an honor to be invited to capture images like these. Connecting to family roots is so meaningful.

Barrister Place

Phoenix is changing and modernizing rapidly, but fortunately for Kellie and her family, Barrister Place is one of the surviving historical buildings. The new Phoenix Light Rail runs in front of the building, and the new Phoenix CityScape is under construction across the street.

Kellie, thank you for trusting me with this special professional and personal project. I wish you great success in your career! I know you will continue to be so successful, and maybe someday, buy Barrister Place so it belongs to your family again. :)



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