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Jogjakarta, Indonesia

Yogyakarta, also spelled as Jogjakarta, is first Indonesian city I’ve been to. The moment I landed at Adi Sucipto International Airport from Singapore, Jogja (as it is fondly called by the locals) resembles very much a Philippine city. Not that it is not unique, its just that Indonesia and the Philippines share a lot in common, with many Filipino words having its root word from Bahasa.

I went here for a conference on Industrial Engineering which gave an understanding of how an Indonesian state university is like, as well as the Integration of Islam in the academic life of students. In fact, a mosque is in the center of the university I’ve stayed in, next to the library.

Jogja at the present, is Indonesia’s third largest city. The famous street in downtown Jogja, Malioboro St., is like Calle Avenida in Manila, only that there are numerous batik shops instead of pirated DVD shops beside the street. Instead of tricycles, Jogja has becak (pronounced as beh-chak), which cater mostly to tourist who’d like to go around the downtown old city. Overall, Jogja is must see city, along with Prambanan and Borobodur temples.

Photos below.



The library’s façade, at UIN Sunan Kalijaga.


Me standing close to the Jogja branch of Bank Negara Indonesia


Governor’s palace at night.


The famous local delicacy, gudeg,which is sweet stew of jackfruit and beef with chicharon-like fried skin. Yum!


The gamelan—Indonesian folk music, similar to the Mindanao Kumintang—completed my Indonesian artistic odyssey. The conference was held at the Hotel Inn Garuda—its good, but not really one of the best in the area. Friends have mentioned that Sheraton Mustika is the best in Jogja.

JOG014   JOG016

JOG018   JOG019JOG304

Along with the conference participants.


The interiors of the hotel.

JOG025   JOG029


Good thing Inna Garuda is just in front of Malioboro St.

JOG032   JOG150

Kraton Yogyakarta—where the Sultan presently resides.

JOG151   JOG152

JOG153   JOG154

JOG155   JOG156

JOG158   JOG159


JOG164    JOG165JOG166


With some of the participants in the conference.


JOG170    JOG171

JOG172    JOG173


JOG178   JOG186


JOG179     JOG182


JOG184    JOG185



The Garuda-Indonesia’s symbol. Garuda is a mythical bird in the Hindu mythology. Saw this symbol as well when visited Siem Reap just summer this year.


JOG189    JOG190

JOG193   JOG200



One’s stay in Indonesia wouldn’t be complete without visiting a Batik shop. We visited one on the outskirts of Jogja.

JOG202    JOG203

JOG204    JOG205


On the last day, I visited Vredeburg Fort, a former Dutch fort which is now converted into a museum. It showcases dioramas on the Indonesian independence, as well as some  glimpse during the Dutch colonial life.


The BEST holidays

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