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It’s been a long time without you my friend…

She is back.

Hello my friends,

It’s kind of hard starting to write again. This blog were supposed only to share my Aupair experience… BUT I left 3 years ago…

Since then I moved out, started to study and made a lot of new friends for life. I moved to Karlsruhe and started to study International Management. Now I’m doing an exchange semester in Florianopolis, Brasil. I love it! All my classes are in Portuguese but it’s not that difficult I have thought before. Lucky me I am half Brazilian so I already spoke the language a bit.

I still miss my hostkids and New York and I didn’t visit them till now but one day I will!

I just know that my education and my personal interests are more important now.

Florianopolis is an island and the capital of the state of Santa Catarina. I never have lives on the island and to be honest it feels the same like living not on a Island. I share an apartment with three other girls (2 Brazilians and one girl from Argentina). Lucky I only live 10 minutes walk from the university called UFSC. So I take 5 classes. My schedule is kind of full. But I have class at night only. Night means around 6:30pm.

Florianopolis have 42 beaches! I would love to see all of them. Till now I’ve seen one beach. As you will know it’s winter here now. It’s raining a lot and it can be really cold. The worst part is that in brasil there is no heater. I needed three blankets the last month.

Let keep this post short. More information will follow in another post soon.


The BEST holidays

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