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Island love

C68848DA-798C-4DEF-B27D-22F768F9074E.jpegHe was a doctor and seemed to have ambition in life. I was on an island with a friend and met this man through an old friend. We went to dinner and talked about life. He seemed so interested in my journey to Israel and my love for G-d. A few more dates we were dancing and looking at the stars on the island. He took my by his new home on top of the hill overlooking the water. It was my last night on the island so we went out and had a really beautiful dinner.  Before we left he looked at me and said sometimes a man just needs to take the step out and marry a beautiful woman. After dinner we drove in his open topped Jeep and went by his apartment, listened to music while looking over the water. He started to kiss me and wanted to take things further. I refused and said I needed to leave. The man I thought who cared about me became angry and said, “Thanks for making me feel like I’m in high school again!” I said, “Oh because you feel innocent?” “No because I never got laid.” WOW what a jerk! Soon after this he began to date a friend of mine. She moved in with him and eventually married him.

The BEST holidays

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