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In to the Future

Happy new year everyone!!
2015 was pretty good year for me, I had so many positive response for my works and had chance to express my creativity freedom. I hope 2016 will be better than ever, and I know it depends on me. Of course I’m going to  work hard, but not too hard, and enjoy the every moment and process of capturing a photo and making an art.

Anyway, my first blogging in2016, Let me introduce my favorite, the favorite place in Tokyo; Tokyo international forum.

from Wikipedia: The Tokyo International Forumis a multi-purpose exhibition center in Tokyo, Japan.One of its halls seats 5,000. In addition to seven other halls, it includes exhibition space, a lobby, restaurants, shops, and other facilities. Designed by architect Rafael Viñoly and completed in 1996, it features swooping curves of steel truss and glass; the outside is shaped like an elongated boat.

Anyway, it’s a gorgeous place!! without no description. It’s so popular place that NIKON put an image from there on their D5200, and D5300 for there leaflets.

Don’t forget to bring a ultra wide lens!!  bellow images are comparison images between 10-24mm(DX) and Full size, 14-24mm(FX) at almost the same place and composing. You can see its difference of distortion and perspective between both sensor sizes.



Underground of Tokyo is a huge maze!! It’s so convenient that you can visit namely everyplace without got rained ,and for a vampire  who hates sunshine . But for a tourist, you may lost in there. if you got lost, just go outside. It’s much easier to access to your destination.


Once you got into the place, it’s your playground. I’m sure you can spend t hours to shoot various attractive spots.

 ● Before and After


Day or night?

I recommend to visit there both time period: Day and Night. The place will show you different aspect of beauty. The last time I visited there, I visited evening, unfortunately the place was under refurbishing: The huge sealing was covered with nets.

Still, I could enjoying t shoot its futuristic both  inside and outside.

Exterior at night (all images are 3 bracketed HDR images developed by LightRoom6)


Corner of the SIDE7 part1


Corner of the SIDE7 part2


Corner of the SIDE7 part3

When you have a chance to visit Tokyo, don’t miss the place.


Just go and grab a great architectural image as your souvenirs.


RUSH by Yoshihiko Wada



The BEST holidays

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