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Iceland: Northern Lights

We were getting desperate to see the Northern Lights, as I’d imagine most tourists in Iceland are. If you didn’t read my Tips/Advice page, here are my tips to better your chances!!!

This is #1 on my bucket lis! So of course, it was #1 on my to see list in Iceland! We were sooo lucky we caught the lights 2 of the 11 nights there!!!
4 MUSTS for you to see the lights
1. Must book between mid-September – early April (closer to winter, the better)
2. Dark skies
3. Clear skies
4. Luck!
Tip One. Download the “Aurora” app (you can search it up under Aurora and it should pop up as ‘My Aurora Forecast & Alerts”). It will locate your location and let you know what your chances of seeing the lights are. It will send you notifications if there’s a chance of seeing the lights! Otherwise, you can click it however many times you want to see your % of chance.
Tip Two. GET OUT THERE!!! Don’t make my mistake. The first few nights, I would peek outside my window every so hours then go to sleep once midnight hit. Don’t! The lights do NOT cover the entire sky; they only cover a portion of the sky. So if your window(s) are faced the wrong way, you will miss them, even if they are out there. On day 5 of my trip, I was getting desperate so I actually slept in the living room and went outside every 30-40 minutes. Then I saw them!!! They appeared opposite my window.
Tip Three. They can appear at any time. The sun set around 730ish when we were there. The first night, the lights appeared close to midnight. The second night, the lights appeared around 8pm. We would have missed them if not for our host who came over and let us know they were out.
Tip Four. LUCK!!!! Good luck and I hope you find them!!!

Tonight, I took tip two’s approach.

See that couch on the right side? Yep. Even with four available beds, I slept on that couch. I forced myself to get up every half hour and walk out onto the deck to look for the lights. I looked and looked but no luck. Until finally around midnight, I said “last time”. I went out, looked to my west, nothing. Then to my east and there it was!!!

I literally felt my heart jump out of my chest! I ran into the house screaming “NORRTHERNNN LIGHTS!!! NORTHERRRNNN LIGHTSSSS!!!!!” All I remember were shouts of “Shut up! Stop lying” “You’re joking” “No way” “WHAT??!?!? REALLY??” and then scuffles as everyone jumped out of their beds!

Y’all, it was magnificent!!!!! I stood there as tears almost fell from my eyes!! The Northern Lights are absolutely breathtaking!!!

We were lucky the lights were out for a good hour! So I set up my tripod and photos we took!!!

The lights were only visible on the east side, the west, wasn’t visible to the naked eye but it did show on camera.

Our cottage.

We stayed out there and watched as the lights danced, it was so magical!!! Our Iceland trip definitely would not have felt complete without seeing the lights.

I hope everyone will have a chance to see them!!! Sending out all my luck to all you northern light seekers!!!

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