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hotel « Tag Feed 2011-10-24 06:44:53

It’s been a rough week. I ended a toxic relationship on Friday, and have been dealing with the fallout (both from him, and from me) since. My family and I took a trip down to Portland, and as lush as it felt to have a king-sized bed to myself, I felt lonely. Maybe the anticipation of loneliness. At any rate, I’ve got $100.35 in new books from Powell’s, and a stomach full of Voodoo.

I’m excited about writing again, I’ve realized. I suppose it takes a break from the 8-6 job, and the two hour commute, and the arguing with Dad, and the misery of the now-ex, to remind me that writing is my anchor. I’m hoping to get my SOP squared away this week, which doesn’t seem completely insane considering I wrote up a two page draft today that I’m fairly happy with. Then back to the writing samples, and in between drafts of those, I’m going to start revising older stories. I found hundreds of pages of abandoned pieces I’d like to be taken care of this year, before I (hopefully) start my MFA and move too far away for them to remain pertinent. And, as ever, it would be nice to see my name in print again.

I’m hoping to be able to keep you all posted more frequently. I’m on the verge of crashing now; hope to speak again in the morning.

The BEST holidays

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