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Hotel Santos – Saray – Granada



Glass elevators looking out to the entrance.  Very nice full size pool with a bar and some scantily clad women, in their 2 piece bathing suits, soaking up the sun in full view of our room.  I would have said they were the Spanish women I loved to hate when we were in Barcelona two years ago.  You know who I mean, those tall, skinny, fashionable women walking down the cobbled streets in Barcelona, ehr, Barthelona, in their incredibly high heels.  But it can’t be.  Everyone in Spain is on “Holiday” right now and is at the beach.  So who are these people?!  Who knows but damn they look good.  Yes, I am jealous.  Work out starts tomorrow.

We were supposed to get a non-smoking room with 3 beds.  It was definitely a heavy-smoker room.  Their response was that it was a called a non-smoking room so we are in a non-smoking room and “eh” and handed me another key to test out on another floor.  It was more important to stick with the group and suffer through it – besides we could open the window.  Guess I should have used the other room, too.  I had the key all night.  Que sera sera.  We are in Spain afterall and everyone smokes.

The BEST holidays

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