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Himalayas/ Tibetan cuisine

I mentioned in one of my posts that I would write about a Tibetan dish which I tried when I was living in Amsterdam. For me, one of the best ways to understand a culture better is through food. Why I say this is because a cuisine can sometimes reflect the terrain of the country (thus no meat/ fish in landlocked countries for example), a history behind the dish (possibly due to a difficult period thus relying on certain types of food which eventually became the traditional food) or possibly that a certain type of spice/fruit whatever it may be, can only be found in that place.

This is why I am so passionate about tasting different types of food whenever I travel. The weirder the food, the better for me.

There are many eateries around the area where I lived in the Netherlands especially since it was opposite the train station. I daresay that I was rather spoilt for choice. I could get Dutch food, Turkish kebabs, Western pizza, noodles … and the list goes on, all within my vicinity.

On my last few days before moving out, one of my best friend came to visit. I’ve always wanted to try from this restaurant but promised myself that I would wait till she arrived. Being Asian, we would always try the spiciest dish on the menu. So the dish with 3 chillis it is – Himalaya Special Sha Khatsa: Beef with cabbage, red pepper and garlic sauce. For Euro 13.50, the price is quite steep in my opinion. I asked the owner if the meal is enough for 2, and he replied that it is meant for only one person.

*** Apologise for the poor photo quality!


And that is until we received our food and we saw the portion! We took away our food so there was no way we could tell how much food it was until we got home. Both of us ended up eating it for our next 3 meals. For Euros 13.50, it turned out to be pretty cheap!

The stir fried beef is eaten with rice and pappadom on the side. The beef is similar to Chinese dishes and it was not unusual for me since we have Chinese food here too. Pappadom on the other hand, is mostly eaten in Indian dishes which I thought tasted nice eaten together. Tibet is in between China and India thus explains the fusion in their cuisine.

The garlic sauce was not overpowering and I was able to taste the meat and fresh vegetables. Enjoyed this dish especially during the cold season!

Restaurant: Wok Along (Scharlo 36, 1815 CP Alkmaar, Netherlands)

Food Review: 9/10 (I tried their noodles and liked it too. Again, it comes in large portion which means you can share it with another person).

Service: Good service. The owner is friendly.

Verdict: I would definitely visit this restaurant again to try their other dishes.


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