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Hello India

Ok…i wrote this yesterday on the flight but the free wifi at Bombay airport wasn’t working so here we go…

So while on the flight, I thought I’d start preparing a blog entry to be posted when we land in Mumbai.

My sister successfully got us to to Heathrow with plenty of time to spare. Check in and security were mega quick and we settled down with a quick drink before boarding.

It has to be said that all of the Air India staff have been amazing – they are so polite, helpful and friendly. The flight has been great. Sadly the T4 baggage conveyor broke so we were little delayed in taking off but that was OK. It turns out the plane has a camera strapped to the front of it. No idea if that’s standard with modern planes – I’ve certainly never been on one that does it, but it was pretty awesome watching the plane take off from the pilot’s view!

In general the aircraft is great. The seats are OK (although Alex is a bit short on legroom but that tends to happen if you are 6ft4!), in-flight entertainment isn’t bad and the food was nice! We had a bit of a situation on our hands though when it came to drinks. Alex asked for a whisky and I asked for a White wine. Alex then changed his mind and said he’d have a red wine. Somehow (and we still don’t quite understands how), Alex ended up with one small bottle of red wine and three whiskys on his table all at once! The whiskys equated to about one small bottle of JD! So that tickled us and the lady next to us possibly now thinks that Alex has a drink problem! To think that I was wondering if Air India would do free drinks at all just a few hours earlier!

We get the impression that not many Europeans fly Air India – the company has a bit of a reputation and until a few years ago, apparently wasn’t great but we couldn’t fault them on this flight! The lunch served was also very impressive. We had the vegetarian option which was some sort of saag dish, a paneer dish, lemon. Chickpeas, yogurt and a rice pudding desert. It was pretty good, especially the paneer. Dinner however, was a little odd – a cheese, tomato and cucumber sandwich, a cake (very nice!) and fruit. Now that may not sound too strange but the sandwich consisted of one half cheese and the other half tomato and cucumber and came served with ketchup.

As we now have our uber-cool camera and mega lens (it used to belong to my grandfather and went on his SLR but we’ve got it up and running for our DSLR), Alex had the idea to take some cool pictures from the aeroplane and they are amazing! We took some lovely pictures over Europe of White fluffy clouds and also got some really cool sunset and city light shots over northern Iran.

We are now in the final hour of our flight and flew over Karachi not that long ago. We should be landing in Mumbai at just before 11pm local time (5.30 UK time) where we will need to transfer to the other terminal and hang out for 5 or 6 hours to wait for our flight to Goa. Luckily we don’t have much luggage to worry about as we have both successfully managed to travel with only hand luggage.

Anyway, a quick update mainly for our family and Twitter folk who might be interested in our journey. There are some photos below taken on our flight (the city shot with the lights is somewhere in Iran), plus one of Mumbai airport.

Take care everybody!








The BEST holidays

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