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Goa & Kozhikode

I recently went on a couple of office trips to Goa and Kozhikode.
Charged with a new Sony DSC HX-100V camera and the zeal to explore my new found interest, I captured some pictures of nature all around.
It is indeed a humbling experience, though, to realize that God has created a world so beautiful around us and laid the responsibility of managing it in our hands. I only hope that we can make this world sustainable for all our future generations!

The Evening Sun!The Red Vented Bulbul in flight!Wings among the leaves and petals!Brittos' Interiors!A dog's life!My Mouth is sealed!
Shots of life 064Night Traffic in Panjim!A ship enters the Vasco Harbour!Brahminy Kites!Sunset in Goa!Moth on a Wall!
Green Algae!The Waves of Desperation!Life!Green Algae: Close up!Fish...No More!Para sailing on a lazy Afternoon!
Black Sea Crab!As I find my way!Multi coloured Pebbles!Life among the Rocks!A Cloudy Evening!The Red Whiskered Bulbul!

The BEST holidays

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