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Further Research about Aviation

I’m currently struggling with this thesis topic, one because it isn’t developing how I thought it could and two I’m being pulled in two different directions on this topic.
It is difficult to find information on the human urge to fly, many things I’ve found were about the birds eye view and the feeling of being higher and greater than anything else. I don’t want this to turn into Skyscraper architecture (although that can be an interesting topic.) As for the two directions I’m being torn by… one is, experience and two is, re-use architecture.


From the original thought of this topic back when it was just technology and the affects on architecture, I wanted to re-create feelings through built form. This then (almost instantly) evolved into the feeing people get from flying and seeing a world we aren’t accustom to. I love the idea of exploration and the unknown, up until 100 years ago flying was just a dream to be like the birds and gods. Now that its a reality, people have been doing it ever since. I personally have only been in a plane a few times, but the images I’ve taken and seen from the sky have and will be with me forever. Every-time a helicopter, commercial jet, or private plane flies over I always look up. I know what they look like and sound like, but to have that connection with them (the only one a person can have from the ground) makes me feel what they feel in the sky. Looking down at something you once experienced on the ground enclosed between the skyscrapers, highways and city streets, now experienced from a view only drawings once could imagine and birds could only see. The sound and animation of the city is now frozen, masked by elevation and the roaring of the turbine engine no movement can be seen from such height, its as if time had stopped and nothing else matters.

Birds eye view of Boston MA, preparing to land at Logan


Re-use architecture came from the interest in using aviation in the actual making and designing of a building. There are many planes scheduled to retire in 2028, some of which will probably be melted down and reused. However majority will be sent to plane graveyards, in hopes that there parts can be used to fix others but ultimately end up rusting down to a completely unusable state. This to me seems like a unique opportunity to take these planes and create architecture with them. Throughout my research I have found a particular architecture firm who recently completed a house using many of the parts from a 747 commercial jet.

there is more research to be done on these two topics, perhaps eventually I will find a way to combine them.

The BEST holidays

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