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First Week of Travel Plans

Hey guys! I hope you are all keeping well and are starting to enjoy the summer. As promised I’m going to share and explain my first week of a month traveling.

Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times” – Asian Proverb.

On the 20th June (just under a week!!) I will fly to London and then hop on the Eurostar to Paris! I’m incredibly excited to visit one of my favourite cities again and see the things I have not had the chance to see before. I have decided to experience The Eiffel Tower at night, I have been to the top in the day, but I think that seeing Paris all lit up will be truly magical! I will be venturing to the Arc De Triomphe, Notre Dame and spending a day in The Lourve. I have been to Paris before and that is why I thought it to be the place most appropriate to start my trip, its sort of familiar territory.

Once my time in Paris is over, I will be continuning on futher into France and visiting the capital of Burgandy which is Dijon. There are apparently lots of wonderful sites in the this city and it is full of history. I am hoping to do some wine tasting, visit a vineyard and take part in the Owl Trail. This trail is a 22 step tour to allow visitors to get a feel for Dijon and experience the History and charm the city has to offer.

Then my travels will take me to Zurich, where I plan on going to see Lake Zurich and The Grossmünster. Zurich seems to be very expensive so I am going to see what cheap/free things there is to do to experience the city in all of its glory!

My first week is planned, I have booked my accomodation and made resevations for my travels to Paris. I have also made a little travel journal which includes the information of my accomodation in, how to get there and what I plan on doing and seeing in each place. For each place I left room for travel notes, diary entries and pictures to remember my tour.

If anyone has any tips or ideas of things to do in the places so far mentioned then please comment or contact me via my contact page.

Whilst I am traveling I will be trying to do a post of each country/city I visit and also try to keep up with my regular weekly blog posts which I will deter from travel talk in.

Thanks for joining me again,

Alex x

The BEST holidays

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