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Experience Kenya Safari Tours With Vibrant Pictures For A Real Exploration

Kenya is the ultimate safari destination with big names including the Masai Mara and Lake Nakuru where wildlife is plentiful and the landscape is just spectacular. From Amboseli National Park you can watch roaming herds of elephants against the backdrop of Mt. Kilimanjaro while in Nairobi you can discover modern urban Africa. It is also the home of the Great Wildebeest Migration. So when you come with your partner, there are the lot of things to see and enjoy that will never make you feel getting bored. Enjoy the Kenya Safari tours like never before that will provide you with a life-changing experience.

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Enjoy The Mara River Crossing & Hunting Session Of Wildebeest Migration
Enjoy The Mara River Crossing & Hunting Session Of Wildebeest Migration.png

  • You can enjoy the Mara river crossing & the hunting session of the Wildebeest migration at the same time because it all gets started between July and October.
  • It is a scene that you will not be able to see anywhere in the world. The annual wildebeest migration is considered as the 8th wonder of the natural world.
  • During the migration over 2 million wildebeest as well as 200,000 zebras try to make the yearly migration trip from southern Serengeti in Tanzania to Maasai Mara in Kenya in search of food.
  • During this giant migration, opportunistic natural predators also make the journey to hunt wildebeest and Zebras during the migration.
  • Such a wild and gigantic journey of wildebeest migration makes the Kenya Safari
  • Certainly, Mara River crossing is actually very incredible where columns after columns run in the river to cross it as quickly as possible as well as to satisfy their genetic hibernation whereas massive crocodiles lie waiting in the river to have a feast during the migration and pounce upon the columns of wildebeest just when they pass through them
  • During the entire process, sadly many wildebeest and Zebras fall victim to the fierce and mighty predators like lions, tigers, leopards, and crocodiles, but the magic of this migration is that their population never seems to dwindle or wane.

Hot Air Ballooning On Vast Plain Of Kenya
Hot Air Ballooning On Vast Plain Of Kenya.png

  • You can also take an aerial tour on hot air balloons on vast plains of Kenya, but it is an optional tour and activity that comes at an extra charge.
  • You can enjoy this ride during a pre-sunrise over the Maasai Mara Plains that is popular because of the awesome scenery, you will get to see and take pictures from above.
  • You can arise at the dawn with tea/ coffee & cookies and can transfer to the balloon launch site before sunrise to start your aerial journey during your Kenya Safari.
  • From around 10,000 feet, enjoy a magical and extraordinarily serene glide over the Maasai Mara’s dotted plains with a bird’s eye view of the wildlife below as well as all the panoramic scenes that extend to the ends of the plains.
  • Furthermore, your guide or pilot will be always available to guide your viewing by pointing out at certain directions where you can view exotic wild animals of Kenya and their interesting features.
  • The view from above is totally different what it is from the ground on a Safari vehicle.

Go For An Adventurous Walking Safari
Go For An Adventurous Walking Safari.png

  • Yes, you can also go for an adventurous walking Safari during your Kenya Safari And Tours.
  • Enjoy a nature walk with Samburu morans then drive to Nanyuki on the slopes of Mt Kenya to check in at the Mount Kenya Safari Club.
  • To proceed with this activity, you can join your guide as well as a Maasai elder, who can be your naturalist guide for nature’s walk.
  • You can go on for nature’s walk on foot and can come as close to the nature as you can such as smelling the earth, feeling the ground, touching the flowers as well as the shrubs that are of medicinal value.
  • During your adventurous walking safari, you can learn the secrets as well as feel the impact of the Maasai way of life

Spent Some Time with Maasai People and Enjoy Their Culture
Spent Some Time With Maasai People And Enjoy Their Culture.png

  • As we have already mentioned above that during your walking safari, you will get some time to spend with the Maasai people & enjoy their culture.
  • During your Kenya Travel, your guide will take you to visit the Maasai cultural village that is also called as Manyatta in the local language.
  • In this village, you can mix and mingle with these proud and aloof tribes where you will get to know their captivating culture.
  • You will be just stunned to know that there customs and traditions have not changed for 300 years.
  • Upon arrival at their village, you will be greeted with their traditional music and dance.
  • There you are going to learn about their Maasai myths, beliefs, customs, culture and traditions such as how families are formed, births, rites of passage; their cattle based economy that also influences marriage and polygamy.
  • When you enter their houses, you will see how they are living in their day to day life, what they eat and their unusual way of staying healthy by taking the diet of milk and blood.
  • The most captivating way is their traditional conservation and the methods that helped them in happily co-existing with the wild animals for ages.
  • This part of their cultural tour helps every tourist to understand how all our ancestors used to live in the pre-recorded history.

Time To Click Some Awesome Pictures With Wildlife During Game Drive Safari
Time To Click Some Awesome Pictures With Wildlife During Game Drive Safari.png

During your Kenya Safari And Tours, you can click some awesome pictures with wildlife during game drive safari such as taking pictures of lions and their cubs, taking the shots of majestic elephant giants in Amboseli National Park.

Set The Fine Dining And Spent Some Memorable Moment
Set The Fine Dining and Spent Some Memorable Moment.png

There are some best hotels such as Sanctuary Olonana that are known for being the award-winning boutique luxury safari camp in the heart of Maasai Mara, that is the most famous game reserve of Kenya. During your stay there, you can get the chance to have some fine dining and have some memorable moments in case, if you are with your family or spouse.

Join us, and make your Kenya Safari tours memorable. We will there for you and will be providing all the vital information such as pre-arrival information, suggested itineraries, info on all the available lodges and hotels and the tour sites that are available with us. You will get some of this information on our site and for more information, you can Contact Us whenever you like. We are awaiting you with our open hands with the best of the safaris at affordable prices.


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