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Ep 02. The Grind

Honestly I didn’t really expect to have to car camp until later in the trip, but we ended up having to on the first night! I guess getting the hard things out of the way first will make the rest of the trip much easier.

Today I drove for 4 hours and Mike for 1.5 hours and we made it to Spokane.

We first decided to pull over and take some photos by the lake which had some unreal reflections of the dry land that the sun had left.

We then stopped by the Dry Falls which has a free visitor center.

The next stop was the Grand Coulee Dam which has a lights show at 8:30pm but we would have already been long gone.

The orignal plan was to go to a the Lake Roosevelt camp site which I actually called to confirm had camp sites, however it turned out that they had no camp sites since 8 years ago!!! The site I called was actually 40 minutes backwards so we decided to go to Spokane to find a sleeping place. This turned out to be a 30 minute detour.

The BEST holidays

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