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Deep dish pizza and cheese.

Getting back into the truck was always the biggest struggle of the drive. As much as I love the little red rocket, 8 hours spent in it a day is to long. And this was the thought going into day 2. I’m in big trouble.

On day 2 our plan was to make it to Becker Minnesota. As I said before, we didnt actually book the hotels until we were almost certain we would make it that far.

So that being said our first stop was Chicago. I don’t know much about the states, so the only thing I knew about Chicago was what I’d seen on tv. Shameless and the movie Chicago were my only references. And looking back, they did not do the place justice. Yes, parts of Chicago looked exactly like the scenes from shameless, but getting further into the city was a big change. We found some parking and took some time to explore a small part of this huge city. We spent most of our time in millennium park. We had the chance to look at some really neat sculptures and artwork that’s spread throughout the park. There was also the giant bean, and of course we took our tourist picture in the bean. When laurie first mentioned the giant bean, I thought of an over grown bean, something like giant pumpkins at local fairs. Boy was I wrong.

The only bad thing about Chicago was that we got there to early in the day, and no pizza places were open. We didnt get to try the famous style of pizza Chicago is known for.

After leaving the city we made it the rest of the way through Illinois but didnt stop anywhere else. Our next stop of the day didnt happen until we got to black falls Wisconsin. We stopped at a small on route to stop to pee and took a quick hike into the forest. It was a great view and it was nice to actually get out and get moving. Of course we had to stop to buy some cheese. Couldn’t miss out on that!

We finally made it to Becker Minnesota after a long day. We didnt actually get Into the hotel until after dark. It was a long day, but slowly we are getting to the west!

Over all day 2 went really well. We got to see lots of things, covered a lot of distance and we’re still feeling pretty good!

The BEST holidays

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