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Day 26. “Charter” flight 2438 to Seattle

There are exactly 47 window seats and 28 people on the plane (my connection from Vegas to Seattle @ 10:30pm). The only hard part was which row to choose!  I like the number 7, so my choice was easy.  Pleasant end to a loooong day – setup and man a booth at a CLE seminar (Continuing Legal Education) from 7:00am CT until 4:30pm CT, then off to the airport and get home around 1:30am PT Saturday.  It’s good to be home.  🙂

My rear view mirror…

Southwest flight rear view

Motivation = 7/10


I’d say nutrition was no better than a C-, in part, because I believe I ate enough food for a 26 hour day in 24 hours.


The BEST holidays

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