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Day 1: Maui


Before we boarded our first flight, after we got upgraded to premium:

After 16 hours of traveling yesterday, we arrived in Kahului at 11pm and were ready to pass out:

Thanks to a bed without a pillow and a window beside a highway we had a less than restful sleep but a sleep nonetheless. This morning jet lag was working in our favor, since we are 5 hours behind waking up at 7am felt like 12pm instead.

We got ready and headed out to Tasty Crust breakfast (yes, “Tasty Crust”) because it was on trip advisor as being a popular breakfast place with local specialties. Fortunately for us, according to the sign posted on the front door, they had earned a conditional pass following an inspection due to insect and rodent issues. Great.

The food was good anyways, I got a Hawaiian breakfast (eggs on fried rice) and Katie got an American breakfast (bacon and eggs).

From here we set out West to explore Lahaina. The winding highway to get here brought us along the coast of the Pacific. There was a lookout spot along the way where we stopped and got to see humpback whales breaching as well!

The small white wave in the distance is the results of a whale!

As you can see the weather today was pretty rainy, we were in and out of brief rainstorms all day, saw some fallen trees and even lost electricity for a few hours. The weather report said that there was hurricane force wind, camps were evacuated and one surfer even died!

Shortly after the lookout there was a small beach, Papalaua beach. Cool thing about Hawaii, or Maui at least, is you don’t have to drive all the way to a public beach that is overloaded with people, there’s literally just beaches everywhere that land meets water. I don’t know if this beach was empty because of the off-again on-again rain or if it’s just because there’s beaches around every other corner.

We explored and Katie laughed at the fact that I am “so not-outdoorsy” as I tried feebly to balance my way across the fallen tree on the beach. She laughed again at how dramatic I was when shortly after this thorn went right into the ball of my foot and I was limping around.

She didn’t laugh as much when a few hours later she stepped on the same twig and it went through her foot too…

In Lahaina we dipped in and out of gift shops until the rain let up and then we got some gelato and walked along the water.

In old Lahaina there is also Maui’s oldest living Banyan tree. A super impressive and colossal tree that they, over time, have allowed other trunks to grow up and merge with the branches as means of support and expansion. Looked like something straight out of animal kingdom.

It was so cool that we asked a man to take a photo of both of us in front of the tree and he cut the entire tree out so here is just a photo of Katie and I.

A short while in to our walk in Lahaina my shoe completely fell apart so we spent the remainder of our visit shoe shopping. Limping on one side because I had no shoe and the other side because I had a hole from a thorn in the sole.

From Lahaina we headed to Maluaka Beach where we are meant to be able to see sea turtles!! Of course on our way here we ran in to another rain storm and the dreary weather was taking a toll on our wakefulness so we stopped for coffee at Honolulu Coffee Co. in the “Shops at Wailea” while we waited for the rain to pass. (The Shops at Wailea is a bougie shopping outdoor shopping mall with luxury brands.) I enjoyed a Hawaiian latte (coconut and macadamia flavored latte) and purchased nothing else.

Finally once the rain let up the sun came out, truly, for the first time since we had been here. We quickly made our way to Maluaka Beach but to our disappointment there were no turtles. However, we again had the small beach to ourselves! Because of high winds the waves were rough but Katie went in, like aaaaallll the way in. The amount of sand that came out her bathing suit after was not ok. While Katie rolled around in the waves I mostly watched from my towel on the beach but eventually I also dipped in up to my waist, and the water was warm!

When we both got out we sat on the towel in the sun to dry. Before I lay back to close my eyes however I put my phone and camera further up on the beach, and not a minute later did a massive wave come up and wipe out our entire set up. Thank goodness I had moved my devices, Katie however was not so lucky. Both her phone and her kobo as well as all of her clothes fell victim to the rough ocean waters… We left the beach shortly after, mostly naked, in search of a bag of rice for Katie’s phone.

After freshening up back at our place (without electricity) we headed back to Lahaina to see it at night. We popped in and out of shops and had a delicious seafood dinner at Paia Fish Market on Front Street!

I forgot to mention that my back has been killing me since before I left on the trip, and the plane ride didn’t help. I’ve been walking around hunched over and in pain since we got here, so I tried to stretch it out on the magic Banyan tree before we headed home to turn in for the night.


The BEST holidays

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