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Chapter 4: Chocolates and Canals

The grey clouds covered half of the skies of Switzerland as we felt the sudden drop of temperature. One can only imagine the incomparable feeling of warmth into our bones as we entered the first known hotel in Lucerne. Located just right across the lake, it was convenient to take a stroll in the nearby districts and to hunt for sweet chocolates. The taste of chocolates melting into your mouth blended with chestnuts and assorted fruits, was as heavenly as the sight of the alps. A series of mountains covered with snow was picturesque at whatever angle. All the more when we took a short cruise-ride where we get to see a clearer picture of its green landscapes and blossoming variety of flowers. Beautiful is not enough to describe its wonders.

From the freezing cold breeze of Switzerland, a plane took us to our last stop, the Italian region where there are no roads, only canals, lined with Renaissance and Gothic infrastructures. This place is known as Venice. Maps are not necessary for the narrow streets have useful signs that will take you to its major sites. A gondola ride will not only be good in pictures, but it will make you see the city from the eyes of a local. The city thrives because of its art, which does not fade despite the pouring rain and an almost knee-deep flood. This is how I realized that art lives and feeds the soul. It sees things beyond what our eyes can see. It makes us feel emotions of creators who lived a few centuries back. Landscapes may change, but art immortalizes the living.

The BEST holidays

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