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Call Airline When Traveling with Infant

We’re sitting at LAX with about 40 minutes to board our flight to Buenos Aires via Lima. We bid a tearful good bye to our son about two hours ago. Let me clarify… I was crying. He was laughing and playing with his Grandpa and his new bike and leaving to cruise the neighborhood. He waved us off with a casual ‘paka paka’.

Last time we left the country it was with him. He was seven months old and we were about to Get on a non-stop overnight flight to London. I called the airline, asked every question I could think of. I knew to show up at airport 3 hours early and ask for bassinet. As it turned out, there were no other babies on that flight. We got the bassinet and Armand slept from take of to landing.

So, we tried the same strategy on this flight. Only, it didn’t work. We were supposed to call LAN Peru 24 hours before the flight and book the bassinet. Another family did and their baby will be flying in comfort, ours will be sprawled across our laps for the 11.5 hours plus one stopover. I guess with only one bassinet on the plane someone was going to have a baby on their lap. Since a big part of this trip is actually bonding with our baby girl, I’m actually okay with this. But, I bet I’ll be ringing the airline 24 hours in advance to book the bassinet for the flight home from Rio!

Also, I’m watching a couple chase around after their 18 month old who will be on their lap all night and I can’t help thinking it’s a good thing Armand is at his Grandparents all ready happily tucked into bed.


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